A Short Primer On Miami

Miami, Florida is one of the most globally inspirational cities in the world, making its way to the top of best places for real estate investment.  With ocean views for days and plenty of places to attract more and more attention, this city is forever growing.  Many people have successfully found investments within Miami real estate to be among the best for such a popular city.  There’s no question about this, allowing Brosda & Bentley Realtors to give you an inside look on how to make the best choices when investing in the Miami real estate market.

Why Focus On Miami Real Estate?

Global & Population Expansion:

  • Compared to other major cities such as New York and Los Angeles, the assurance of life is at an all time high altitude in these places.
  • Miami offers a more affordable cost of living
  • Population expansion is increasing everyday. Studies show that Miami receives over 100 new inhabitants per day, which is over 34,000 people per year.
  • Wealthy and highly successful people choose to reside in the city of Miami compared to other popular places.

Infrastructural and Retail Development:

  • Many other global cities do not offer the luxury of living that Miami is fulfilled with.
  • Miami is surrounded with upcoming and current projects that are continuously growing the economic standpoint of the city.
  • Miami Central Station will soon be the center of attention that includes a Railroad system connecting Florida’s major cities along with residential and commercial buildings above.
  • Transportation from shuttles, buses, trollies and a bigger airport allow more availability for travel, whether national or to another international region of territory.
  • The city is filled with growing retail neighborhoods that are always expanding.

Business and Trade Development:

  • Over time the Port Of Miami has grown in size to now be known as the biggest port of the east coast territory surrounding the United States.
  • Miami supplies constant trade between ships through the Port up to the Panama Canal.
  • Miami is recognized to be the main US city to have a business relationship with Latin America, making it the primary selection for many other North American businesses.
  • Numerous blue chip companies reside in the city, which are companies that contribute stable and reliable growth even when economic times are tough as they operate.
  • Business owners and home owners have come to the realization that Miami supplies a better tax system where people and businesses have cut 30% of their past tax payments away by avoiding city and state taxes.
  • Miami serves the largest concentration of international banks in the United States.
  • Miami is on the Christie’s Top 10 list of International Luxury Real Estate Markets.

Socially Developed:

  • Miami is more culturally diversed with a wide variety of languages and interaction between businesses and other attractions.
  • Thousands of people come to visit each year, along with those who have timeshares and spend good amounts of vacation time in the city.
  • Miami International Airport is a center hub for all major cities, allowing people to reach any destination.
  • Ultra Music Festival is the largest dance music event in the world held in Miami.
  • With over 70 galleries and museums, Miami has the world’s largest art décor buildings.
  • Miami serves 4,300,000 cruise passengers per year
  • Home to NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS teams
  • Largest population of internationally born residents in the US
  • Over 14 million international visitors come to Miami

Now that you have all of the facts you need, you can see why Miami is one of the best cities in the world to invest in.  With many popular events due to year round 75-degree temperatures, construction on new businesses and continued economic growth, there’s no reason not to invest.  There are endless possibilities that have constantly lead to new opportunities when you are in Miami.